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Creating high performance employees with the right Salary System

It is a task of the enterprise management to create an optimal salary system. The salary systems only work correctly, if it is tailored to the needs of the enterprise.

Ranford Consulting has especially extensive experience in the development of Sales incentive models. In this area Ranford has created a prestigious Benchmark-study for a large Swiss Telecommunication supplier on Sales salary models in the Information and Communication Technology market.

Ranford Consulting supports you in the design of quantitative and qualitative systems as well as target agreements.

We can give you answers to the following questions particularly for Sales incentive systems:

  • How high should the variable part of the salary be?
  • How should the mix between individual and collective targets be designed?
  • How shall the target system be designed?
  • How can we differentiate the Salary system between Farming and Hunting incentives?
  • How can we connect the planned target achievement level of the Sales force with the overall budget planning and controlling process?

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