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Be successful with Interim Management of Ranford!

Work must be done but a permanent contract does not make sense. Examples of classic interim management situation are:
  • Your company has developed in the wrong direction. A restructuring has to be executed. You are looking for an interim manager to carry out the turnaround.
  • You company is in a M&A situation. Your sales have to be pushed to be prepared for a successful transaction, but the company should not be burdened with long-term employment contracts.
  • A part of the company has to be outsourced. You need an experienced specialist for the essential transitional phase.
  • After an acquisition of a company you need an experienced interim manager to lead the enterprise through the essential integration phase, before the permanent profile for a manager can be formed.
Qualified manager fears a hiccup in the career taking a job in an enterprise which is in a difficult phase and whose future is uncertain. To a competent interim manager this is not a problem but a welcomed challenge indeed.

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